Methods and Techniques

At Your Medicine Within, our job is to empower you.

Joanna Stull RN LMHC CCH works with you as a hypnotherapist, teacher, counselor and medical professional. Her approach is to use brief solution-focused work to give you the tools you need to help yourself and to guide you through any rough spots. For End of Life Consulting, Joanna educates you about what your choices are and how to get what you need within the medical system.

Joanna uses conventional counseling techniques as a foundation for her work, then blends these methods to fit what you need most, for example:

  • Cognitive behavioral strategies: e.g. how to interrupt your worry cycle
  • Counseling: Any stage of illness from early diagnosis all the way to death
  • Hypnotherapy: Use self-hypnosis to manage habits and feel energized
  • Medical hypnosis: Learn to reduce pain, headaches, insomnia, etc.
  • Surgical preparation: Heal faster and need less pain medication when you’re an active part inyour own healing process.
  • End of Life: Guidance about options in the medical system.
  • Behavioral medicine: the science of mind-body connection and how you can use it

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