Stress Management

Manage Stress Through Cognitive Behavioral Strategies and Self-Hypnosis

When you‘re stressed out, your body reacts as if you’re in danger. It releases stress hormones into your blood stream and your stress response takes over.  (Also called ‘fight or flight’ response). Your heart speeds up. Your mind races. Your palms get sweaty, and your blood gets pushed from your organs to your arms and legs. So you can run like mad or stand and fight.  The problem is most times you’re not in danger. But your body responds like you are.

And it’s a vicious cycle. When your body releases stress hormones, you feel more stress which causes your body to release even more stress hormones.  This state of chronic stress damages your immune system and your general health.

The good news is that when you learn to stop this vicious cycle, your body can reverse this stress related damage. But if you don’t take corrective action, you’ll end up seeing your doctor for stress-related illness.

When you work with me, you’ll give your body a chance to heal itself. I’ll teach you some mind-body techniques that can help bring you relief. As a registered nurse for 30 years, a licensed mental health worker and a certified hypnotherapist, I understand more than most the mind-body connection, and the power of your mind to make you feel better.

My goal for you is to feel less stressed out by the end of our first session. I’ll also teach you the take-home tools you can use when you’re not in my office.

Contact us today for your free 30-minute consultation to find out how you can manage stress successfully.