Pain Relief

Learn how to get some relief from your pain.

Are you in pain? Or do you worry that the pain will come back?
Are you taking more and more pain medication without much relief?

Chronic pain is a tremendous source of stress. This creates a vicious cycle. The more pain you feel the more stressed you become. The more stressed you become the more pain you feel. When you learn what I teach, your pain will lessen and you’ll feel better. And more in control.

Let me teach you some mind-body techniques that can help bring you relief. And help you manage your pain when you’re not in my office. As a registered nurse for 30 years, a licensed mental health worker and a certified hypnotherapist, I understand, more than most, how you can learn to use your mind-body connection to feel better.

My goal is to have you experience less pain by the end of our first session. And if you don’t, the session’s on me.

Contact us today for your free 30-minute consultation to find out how you can get some relief from your pain.