“I have always been a somewhat indecisive person, and about a year ago, I was faced with a particularly important decision. I found myself struggling to find clarity, and with each passing day, as the deadline approached and the pressure increased, I became more anxious and my ambivalence only increased. At the point when I began feeling hopeless about my situation and ashamed of my inability to make a decision, I made an appointment with Joanna. During the session I felt very safe and relaxed, and knew that I was in very skilled and capable hands. Joanna gently guided me on a relaxing journey within, to where the answers lie, and when I returned, the ambivalence and anxiety were gone. I was left feeling rested, rejuvenated, and clear and confident about the path that I should take. The experience was very pleasant and extremely powerful, and helped me to tap into my own inner wisdom and has had a lasting impact on my life – I now make life decisions with much more ease and confidence. One year later, I am very happy with my decision, and grateful to Joanna for helping me to move past the fear-based uncertainty that I was experiencing, and move on with my life with confidence.” Ashley Napier, Hospice Social Worker