“I have always been a somewhat indecisive person, and about a year ago, I was faced with a particularly important decision. I found myself struggling to find clarity, and with each passing day, as the deadline approached and the pressure increased, I became more anxious and my ambivalence only increased. At the point when I began feeling hopeless about my situation and ashamed of my inability to make a decision, I made an appointment with Joanna. During the session I felt very safe and relaxed, and knew that I was in very skilled and capable hands. Joanna gently guided me on a relaxing journey within, to where the answers lie, and when I returned, the ambivalence and anxiety were gone. I was left feeling rested, rejuvenated, and clear and confident about the path that I should take. The experience was very pleasant and extremely powerful, and helped me to tap into my own inner wisdom and has had a lasting impact on my life – I now make life decisions with much more ease and confidence. One year later, I am very happy with my decision, and grateful to Joanna for helping me to move past the fear-based uncertainty that I was experiencing, and move on with my life with confidence.” Ashley Napier, Hospice Social Worker

When I came to Joanna, I was anxious and worried whether I could get pregnant or have a healthy pregnancy. Work with Joanna has helped me feel more safe, secure and confident on my own abilities. I’m happy to say that I’m 6 months pregnant. Joanna has taught me tools that I can use for the rest of my life to maintain that calm confident feeling.  P.D. Newton, MA


Joanna Stull had an immediate positive impact on my life in two areas in which I needed help. In just a few hypnotherapy sessions, she helped me overcome an almost paralyzing social anxiety at professional networking events. At the very first event following her session, I spoke with more people than I did at the three prior events like it put together. I was more comfortable and confident, and I was able to make several key connections. Joanna also helped me change how I react to frustration which has made me much more stress-free and easier to be around at home. My family really noticed and appreciates the change. Simply put, Joanna is remarkable, and I highly recommend her hypnotherapy services. Andy Bennett, President, Alliant Human Resources


Earlier this year I took Joanna’s class on self-hypnosis. She teaches well and listens well, in a caring, professional manner. What I learned has helped me respond to stress, insomnia, and food issues. Being able to relax amidst it all is truly a gift and has helped to change my life. I highly recommend the class. You’ll be glad that you took it. Rev. Gwen Buehrens


When I was out of town I hurt my back. Luckily I had Joanna’s CD with me. I used it to relax my entire body so that my back would not go into spasm and healing could start immediately. Thank you Joanna!   Colleen Stankard LMT


My daughter and I have been helped tremendously by Joanna’s hypnotherapy skills.   Her professionalism and ability to “tune in” to each of us greatly enhanced the effectiveness of our sessions.  We both worked in person with Joanna but I also was aided by the audio files she created specifically for my needs.   My daughter’s fears of putting her head under the water and being in rooms with high bookcases were completely eliminated.  What I found most profound was her ability to calm herself in stressful situations by using breathing techniques and hand movements.  My experiences were related to medical procedures and pain management.   After my first two surgeries, a biopsy and an oophorectomy (ovariectomy), I required NO pain medication – not even over the counter medication such as Tylenol.  My third surgery was much more extensive – bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.  Ironically, the pain medication I received in the hospital was prescribed because of my arthritic knee.  (Due to the surgery, I was unable to take my fish oil which keeps my arthritis in check.   I neglected to inform Joanna of my knee condition.)  When I spoke to Joanna after my discharge from the hospital, she offered to create another audio file for me.  Again, a testimony to her professionalism and desire to go the extra mile to help me.  I listened to the file once or twice a day, and within about a week (and just shy of three weeks after surgery), I had completely eliminated the pain medication and was able to drive.  Again, I did not even require over the counter medication.  I have a few surgeries still to come and do so with a complete sense of peace knowing I have the ability to control (aka eliminate) the pain.   I know my positive post surgical quality of life was a result of Joanna’s tremendous teaching skills.  That is, teaching me how to perform hypnotherapy on myself.  Without reservation, I highly recommend her to all!    Ann Marie Huff and  Abbey Huff, Waltham, MA