End of Life

We had the honor and fortune of meeting Joanna. Joanna was a godsend. Millie had chronic pain in her head which was unrelieved by medications. Joanna came to use hypnotherapy- that unfortunately came too late in Millie’s life for her to be able to aptly participate. However, Joanna seized this opportunity to teach our family about meditation and breathing exercises. Her complementary therapeutic approaches were invaluable to our coping during this difficult time. I believe what Joanna offered us was invaluable. Joanna was AMAZING and is someone I will never forget. She always knew the “right” things to say and was direct and honest but best of all funny- which Millie appreciated. The meditation that she gave us got me through the most difficult time in my life- listening to my mother-in-law’s loud death rattle with little to nothing to offer my family in the way of reassurance. Had it not been for that mediation, I believe that our night would have gone differently and we would likely have resorted to hospitalization to alleviate what we thought was pain and suffering for Millie. Kristen Shaffer RN


Joanna worked with my sister and me by phone as we were out of state. We were in a fog and concerned about whether or not to put a feeding tube into my mothers stomach. Joanna was very clear about the pros and cons of a decision either way and made it clear that it was out choice. We decided not to put one in and were so relieved once we decided.  It was the right choice for my mother.  Joanna was professional, knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend her.     Joyce R. Vermont


Having my father in home hospice care was an intensely personal and emotional time for me and my family.  For nearly three months, we felt bombarded by the need to make healthcare decisions.  We were incredibly stressed by the fluctuations in my father’s health.  We thank Joanna for her calm compassion and guidance during the time she helped care for my father.  She responded quickly to my father’s needs and our concerns, and always explained what was going on.  We never felt her presence was intrusive.  Her involvement was invaluable.  Thank you again, Joanna!     Pam P. Concord, MA